Wednesday, March 23, 2011


okay great ! mmg da lame x update right hmm bynk story da lupe ! is i remember i share okayy.
hm today serious i'm so sad . why must she do that ?? she know that it is wrong but she still doing the wrong thing !! why must her ?  nape ? dye x bole  slh kn mane2 pihak okay dah kalau kite yg mls just mara faz jela x payah nk libat kn org laen ! i don't ever like it okayy ! i can't be patient anymore ! until when ?? ah ? huh please la , please la !!! i'm begging you to just scold be ! not other person !!!

then si dye , mungkin faz happy dye tegur faz or ape but nape mesty dye sombong ? wlp tgr but faz rase just because dye terpakse maybe ! i think so la , but not sure ! hmm yg lgy sorg nie plak cam ngekk je , bende bkn buat ye ! adoyy saje2 je buad faz rase cam argghhh, pikir la sendiri okay !

kawad : x tau boleh msk or x ? anyway still waiting for principle answer ! huh , i happy to be in la , why must you  do this , why must you make me sad when i'm happy ?? 

kerja kursus : bnyk maa , saba jela pape pown faz harap faz n kwn2 akn siap folio nie dlm tempoh yg diberi ang we will get A insyaallah .