Wednesday, June 22, 2011

happy to sad - :) = :(

hmm today i'm realy2 happy cause first i have done my KH folio ! errr, everything is done so x payah ssh2 nk pikir lagy. then , mase math , faz x sangke faz thu buad ape ckg ajr, rase seronok sngt, sebab bkn selalu dpt buad , hahaha, hope sngt in my exam nanti faz n kwn2 fazbole buad jugak, amin :D
i was so happy cause today i saw ..........., haha happy gile kowt sklh ary nie ! kn best lau ary2 mcm nie :D
but went i'm at home, first daddy call and ask me like usual la, but when my cousin call me, she said that my grandma is in hospital , ouh god why must she sick back, hope you will get well soon grandma :(
i'm not in my mood ! huh , please la god, can't i just happy for one day ???? tgh happy2 mesty akn sad balek, hmm sume nie da takdir kn so terime jela fa :'(((