Sunday, July 24, 2011

tired ??

hahah today i'm a little bit tired la :D hehe actually , mummy wanna bring me to pavilion but she is busy talking and she didn't notice that we already reach the curve ! weird right , hahahha than she said : alamak , mummy x perasan da sampai the curve and i forgot that pavi dekat bb , i though that pavi is here, hahahah . then alang2 da sampai rigth so masuk jela :) then nmpk la 1 kedai nie ape lagy menghabes kan duet la ! hahah ngek kn faz , yes i am :P then lepas balek 2 bole plak keluar salah jalan then kiteorg masuk lorong mane tah , thanks god someone help us ! hahah then kiteorg balek WM n took my cousin and send her to MSU , then we went to PJ , then kami pulang ke syurga kami ! haha agak penat la sebab banyak cakap hary nie! but i learn something from my self today ! i learn that we can get everything that we want ,
we can do everything that we dream to do ,
we can force our self to make our life become what we want just to make our heart feel better,
we can't forget something too fast just like we want it to be ,
we need time to make something that we want to do , 
we still need someone to guide us eventhough we feel like we can do anything by ourself , 
we must follow our heart but we also must use our mind ,
we must do something that we want to do  without  making other people  trouble
we can be happy by making other people happy
and many more !
 today maybe is the first time i  proud of my self cause i fell that i can make my life become who i wanna be, but i must really work trough it , i must keep my own money to buy what i want cause i don't want to make my mummy and daddy trouble. i want to be a successful person for my beloved mummy and daddy and make them happy and proud to have a daughter  like me :D insyaallah :) aminn ! ilove allah , ilove my family , ilove my friends and i love my self ! <3 ily guys