Saturday, July 23, 2011

why must you be trust ?

hey3 , i know everybody wanna be trust by others but i'm so sorry i can't trust you anymore ! you ask me to keep it as our secret so i did it but hby ? you are failed to keep it as a secret , why must you tell it to ..... huh , i'm so sorry but i hate you ! there is no different between you and him ! you and him is just the same  ! both of you can gth la ! i did't need a person like both of you in my life ! you just make my life more complicated n miserable ! seriously i hate you so much ! n thanks for what you have done to me before n now!1 i really appreciate it  so much ! wow you have done a really good job b***** ! from now i will avoid my self to see your face ! i just don't understand why there is a person like both of you in this world ! can't you all just be a good person even for one day ? what's wrong with you ? you such a huh ! sorry but i can't be patient anymore ! i'm just afraid if i meet you i will slap your face cause i can't stand with your mouth la ! why am i so stupid to trust you before ! i should know that you are not a good person but i still huh ! okay fine you think i'm afraid to do what i say right ? so just come and meet me la ! i'm not afraid la ***** ! just go to die la ! I REALLY2 HATE YOU !